Tier 1 Visas UK

Tier 1 Visas for UK Immigration

Tier 1 Visas for the UK Immigration are the visas where you do not need any third party sponsorship for your visa.

Tier 1 Visas are granted on your capabilities or your scores for your Age, Education, Earnings and UK Experience if you are a Highly Skilled individual / professional OR are based on your capabilities to invest in the UK as an Entrepreneur or an Investor.

Tier 1 Visas for the UK are divided into 4 sub-categories as under:

Tier 1 General for the Highly Skilled
Tier 1 Entrepreneurs
Tier 1 Investors
Tier 1 Post Study Work

We will discuss these visas in detail to provide full information to you and also how we can help you in migrating to the UK